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About Xion

Xion from Borlänge, Sweden has in the past year been the source of many dropped jaws among their steadily growing audience. Their enormous playing skills, energetic stage shows, and total interplay combined with exceptionally well-written songs have made the band, which established their current lineup in 2022, become the band on everyone's lips in the metal scene of Sweden. The young quintet is described as the most promising Swedish metal band in 15 years in Sweden and was recently awarded a rating of 9 out of 10 in Sweden Rock Magazine after a concert.

With the singles presented so far, Men Who Play God, Derailed, Vision of the Blind and Fake Acid, they lay the groundwork for what will be part of Xion's debut album due released in January 2024.

Xion's history begins in connection with a school concert when the then 13-year-old Johan Berg and Erik Zetterström formed the band. In 2021, Berg and Zetterström started jamming with drummer Algot Brask and then discovered what a tight interaction the three had.

The trio played a concert together with the current singer Robin Björk's sister, who later introduced Robin to the band. At Björk's first audition, he arrived hungover and several hours late, but thanks to his extreme singing ability, the others were impressed and his place in the band as one of Swedens best and most dynamic hard rock singers was confirmed. Looking for a second guitarist, the band soon found Liam Rådman - the final piece of the puzzle in Xion's 2023 lineup.

Fun Fact 1

The rehersal studio also works as a kitchen with a refrigirator and both an airfryer and a hot dog grill

Fun Fact 2

Music is not the only thing the band does together, they also spend many hours playing poker

Fun Fact 3

Robin is, for the most part, the bands driver and has showed up in 6 different cars so far

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